The best beach clubs in Ibiza

Ibiza is very popular for its clubbing atmosphere. Plenty of beach houses open their doors as the good weather arrives to make you spend an unforgettable vacation with your friends. Do you want to know which ones they are? Carry on reading!


1. The Beach Club At Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

The Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is located in d’en Bossa beach. It has live music on the beachfront. It has its own music band, as well as different dj performances and many other shows. Their chef is one of the best cooks on the island, specialised in mediterranean gastronomy, which makes it a must if you’re a lover of good food.


2. Ushuaïa Beach Club Restaurant

Also in d’en Bossa beach, Ushuaïa Beach Club Restaurant is the beach club belonging to the renowned Ushuaïa Beach Hotel, visited by all the jet-set par excellence. It’s ideal if you want to live up Ibiza as a real clubber. The music is excellent, the food incredibly elaborate and the atmosphere super exclusive. They open on April 30th.


3. Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin has also schedules their opening for the weekend of April 30th. You can’t come to Ibiza and not visit it. Blue Marlin is designed for listening to good music as you sip on a great cocktail while you enjoy the sun and a totally unique atmosphere. It’s located in Jondal cove.


4. CBBC (Cala Bassa Beach Club)

CBBC (Cala Bassa Beach Club) is Ibiza’s most charming beach club. With a relaxed atmosphere and chill out music that will make you fall in love. It opens its doors in mid May.


5. Cotton Beach Club Ibiza

Located in Tirada cove, Cotton Beach Club Ibiza is one of Ibiza’s newest beach clubs. It receives thousands of guests a day, surpassing its visitors every expectation. It’s become the ideal place for enjoying with your friends and seeing Ibiza’s pretty sunsets. They’ll soon open another one in Figueretas.


6. Sir Rocco Beach Club

Sir Rocco Beach Club has a varied italian gastronomy to offer. Authentic products and recipes brought straight from Tuscany. Their bread is in the restaurant’s very oven. It’s also located in d’en Bossa beach, in between Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and Ushuaïa Beach Club. It’s open every day except Wednesdays. It’s the top choice for soaking in a great atmosphere on the beachfront.


7. Amante Beach Club

Amante Beach Club usually opens their doors around April. It’s not only a restaurant given that it offers many other activities, such as movie nights, yoga and other shows.


8. White Eivissa Beach Club

They’re specialists in Mediterranean meals and delicious grills. White Eivissa Beach Club is located at the heart of d’en Bossa beach. White Eivissa offers daily menus at the best prices everyday. It’s a great choice for enjoying a good meal with your friends as well as exclusive views of the sea.


9. Nassau

Located in d’en Bossa beach, Nassau is a mandatory stop, a classic place if you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail in the most exclusive Ibiza. It’s open all season long.


10. Malibu Beach Club

To end this list, we couldn’t leave out Ses Salines’ most famous beach club, Malibu Beach Club. Famous for its rich gastronomy and location, unique in one of Ibiza’s most beautiful beaches, Ses Salines. It’s very popular amongst celebrities during the summer!

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