Punta Galera, a nudist beach in San Antonio, Ibiza

Punta Galera is located on the highest tip of San Antonio town, Ibiza, at the foot of a steep cliff. This cove is one of the renowned nudist beaches on the island. Punta Galera is a very different type of cove: it doesn’t appear in most official beach guides, given that it’s not very accessible and the path isn’t signposted. This is also part of the beach’s charm: its complicated access means it’s never overcrowded. Punta Galera is immersed in a special atmosphere chosen by artists, hippies, lovers of the bohemian and, of course, nudists.

Punta Galera’s location may entail certain days to have high currents, making the sea quite rough, although this isn’t common. In fact, this beach stands out for its totally crystal clear water and huge amount of marine species that you can observe under the sea. It’s also one of the best coves for surface diving. Don’t forget your diving glasses! However, if you’re going to practice this sport you must keep an eye out for the jellyfish given that they’re also attracted by Punta Galera’s charm and can be spotted loitering around the area. We recommend you use water shoes with with soles suitable for walking on rocks so that you can leave the sea without fear of hurting yourself. Oh, and… A towel! This is a must if you want to lie down comfortably on the rock.

This beach is made out of natural rocky platforms. They form a strategic terrace for looking at the sea, where you can easily find the perfect corner for you to relax intimately and practice nudism in a natural manner. Unfortunately, the cove’s state is often disturbed. On the rocks, you can find metal figures of a Buddha to which offerings are made in the form of bracelets, handwritten messages, coins…

Another of the many characteristics that make Punta Galera a unique place is the beach’s sunsets. The sunset from Punta Galera is absolutely stunning and, without exaggeration, one of the best in Ibiza. Many visitors approach this place at the last hour of dusk to soak in this incredible moment to the rhythm of drums, in most hippie style ever.


How To Get There

How do you arrive to Punta Galera? North of San Antonio, take the road in the direction of Salada cove and you’ll find a detour that allows you to turn to the left right before reaching the cove. As we’ve mentioned, the path for arriving to Punta Galera isn’t very well signposted, so we suggest that you ask as many times as you deem necessary so you don’t get lost.
We also recommend you don’t park your car just under Punta Galera given that the path isn’t very suitable for hiking and it could make it harder for you to leave it behind.

Punta Galera is an iconic place in Ibiza. A purely rocky cove that will take your breath away due to its incredible landscape, hippie magnetism and turquoise coloured waters.

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