Limitless Posing: Ibiza Has It All

Who doesn’t like posing (even a little bit)? New technologies have turned us into lovers of “posing”. Nowadays it seems as though if you don’t say you’ve gone traveling through Instagram and co., it means you never left. Admit it, we’ve all got a poser inside us and we like to show what we’re doing. Even more so if we’re traveling to Ibiza, the temple of posing.

Where do I go to take the best poser pictures and videos? In Ibiza, basically everywhere. The beaches with crystal clear waters, white sand and incredible landscapes mean that your picture doesn’t need any filtres. A picture you shouldn’t forget to take? The typical photo in a bikini or bathing suit with a completely turquoise blue background. Visit Formentera and Espalmador island, perfect for the occasion. Shoot and fill up your phone’s “reel”!

Do you want a tip to be the king of posers? Prepare your holidays in advance. Buy an underwater camera and you’ll become a poser even underwater. Imagine endless photos and videos snorkeling, exploring every corner and, why not, incredible videos of Ibiza’s marine fauna. Turn the fish into your super models!

A touch to end the day? You can’t miss the typical picture of an Ibizan sunset. As you know, amongst many other things, the island is renowned for its sunsets. Amongst the most visited locations you can’t forget Café del Mar, located on San Antonio bay. You’ll also be able to enjoy a sensational sunset in Benirrás Cove. This last place is famous for being Ibiza’s hippie centre. Sunsets to the rhythm of the legendary ibizan drums deserve a “story” at the very least!

But, even you love posing, after your photo session we recommend you put your phone to the side and simply enjoy your surroundings, views, and your holidays. From the shore of Cala Benirrás you can make out “God’s Finger”, a small islet called Cap Bernat.

Do you want to take in more sunsets? We suggest the following ones to make your photos picture-perfect:

  • Cala Tarida, despite it not being so “popular”, it’ll surprise you.
  • Cala Comte, legendary amongst the younger posers.
  • Cala Sala, next to its sibling, Cala Saladeta, are at the peak of romantic posing if you’re traveling as a couple.
  • Punta Galera. This place is practically unspoilt. This entails an indescribable atmosphere that will remind you of computer wallpapers. This place’s audience is usually quite young. It’s a nudist beach with rocky areas. Suitable for the most daring.

But posing doesn’t end here. If there’s something that Ibiza has, that’s a wide variety of worldwide famous clubs. The island is home and cradle of dj’s of the global scene. You can’t leave without posing in Pachá, Ushuaïa Beach Hotel, Privilege…
Are you tireless? Visit any of the numerous beach-clubs on the island and enjoy authentic mediterranean food, with flashy cocktails, live music and… Capture the moment! What are you waiting for to upload everything to Facebook or Instagram? Come and be the one who’s posing! Don’t be the one who can only see it through a screen.

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