Celebrate San Juan Night 2018 In Ibiza

Summer begins. And with it come the holidays, long days and short nights, impromptu plans, nights of partying, sunsets on the beach, American-movie style loves… How can you start everything in style? Celebrating San Juan night 2018 in Ibiza!
If you’re traveling with your friends, your partner… In this post, we suggest the two best options to spend the magical night of June 23d. Yes, we’re talking about the beaches of FIgueretas, with the island’s most popular open-air dance; and Talamanca, the most crowded. Both of them are once again, for this 2018, the scene of the most renowned celebrations: in any of the two settings you’ll enjoy an incredible variety of activities, music concerts, and of course, traditional and incredible bonfires. Gather around the bonfire and ask for a wish!

For the celebration in both of these places, the City Hall has planned to distribute 400 kilos of wood and 600 portions of “macarrons of Sant Joan” between everyone who attends. In Figueretas, known as the centre of the celebration of San Juan’s night in Ibiza, two things stand out in particular: the size of the bonfire, set up on the seashore, and the pyrotechnic show on behalf of the traditional “correfocs”. This striking show consists in a parade where a group of individuals personify some “demons” that spit fire, spreading terror on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

People gather around these bonfires and jump them, in hopes that this will allow them to carry on forward, leaving old stages behind them. But this isn’t the only famous ritual of the night of San Juan: another of the rituals consists in burning a list of negative things that you wish will leave your life in the bonfire. It’s quite common for students to burn their notes having finished a school year, thus welcoming summer and freedom.

There exist also water rituals, only suitable for the most daring among us: this ritual consists in taking a naked bath in the sea, turning your back to the moon, and submerging yourself up to 12 times. This plunge is believed to be purifying and to give one health for the rest of the year. The tale has it that this “curse’s” effect is multiplied if you jump backwards over seven waves. Dare to live a totally different experience! Have you come with your partner? Are you hoping to have a baby? They say that if you jump two more waves, your fertility will increase.

Ibiza has tons of options for spending your night of San Juan. Apart from these more popular ones, you can enjoy this very special night in Santa Gertrudis, Santa Eulalia, San Carlos, San Agustín… Wherever you wish! How about you, where do you want to spend the Night of San Juan this 2018?

It’s believed that the night of San Juan is the best time to launch new projects, adapting and renewing your perspective on your ideas and fulfilling your new resolutions. If you’ve already reached the conclusion to enjoy the night of San Juan in Ibiza, choose the destination on the island that you fancy the most and celebrate next to the sea and under the stars of the year’s shortest night. We’re waiting for you!

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