Your First Time In Ibiza: 7 Things You Should Keep In Mind During Your Trip

Is it your first time traveling to Ibiza? Holidays with your buddies? In this post we put forward a list of seven recommendations that you can follow to make the most of what the island has to offer. Get your suitcase ready!


1. Accommodation

Choosing your accommodation is the hardest step. Ibiza basically lives off tourism, which means there’s tons of accommodation offers, but during high season prices go up quite a lot. A lot. So much. If this is your first time, you have to be quite certain about what type of holiday you’re looking for: you’ll choose your accommodation based on that. The cheapest location is San Antonio bay and the area around it, as is d’en Bossa beach. We definitely suggest you book your accommodation well in advance.


2. Beaches And Coves

Ibiza has coves and beaches for every taste. If you’re traveling for the first time, we suggest you don’t attempt to see too many beaches in a few days, rather, choose around 4 or 5 and enjoy them as much as you can. That way you’ll also have an excuse to go back. If you’re looking for a youthful atmosphere, visit d’en Bossa beach or Comte cove; if you’re seeking a more relaxed atmosphere, we suggest you check out our post about Ibiza’s top 10 solitary beaches.


3. Clubs

Ibiza is recognised worldwide for its nightlife. If you’re coming here on vacation with your friends, you can’t miss out dancing in the emblematic Pachá, enjoying a new way of partying in Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, discovering Privilege’s amazing atmosphere… and the list goes on and on and on. The best dj’s of the current international scene are waiting for you as they mix on the island.

If you’re looking for something more chill, we suggest you check out the best beach clubs on the island, where you can eat, have a drink or a cocktail, dance to the rhythm of renowned dj’s and enjoy a real ibizan sunset.


4. Hiring A Car

In order to know the island well, it’s best to rent a car given that the most authentic beaches and the most hidden towns aren’t accessible by public transport (or it’s quite limited). A tip: rent your car online to avoid any unforeseen events if you’re traveling in july or august given that demand increases exponentially.


5. Tourism: Ibizan Towns

As we mentioned earlier, there’s an endless number of small towns scattered around the island that are worth seeing. If you’re looking to disconnect from all the partying, we suggest you do a route through Ibiza and enjoy in any town great food and fresh beers with your friends.


6. Other Activities: Long Live Boat Parties!

Lately, boat parties have been a success. With Only Ibiza Boat Party you’ll enjoy an exclusive event onboard a catamaran, with good music, a free bar, food and… Many other advantages at an incredible price!
Similarly, if what you’re looking for is adventure, tons of companies offer packages such as hot air balloon rides, canyoning, flyboarding… You choose!


7. Formentera

If you’re visiting Ibiza, you can’t leave before you visit the island of Formentera by boat.This paradise, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is popular for its turquoise coloured waters and endless beaches, surrounded by dunes and pines. It’s an ideal place for spending the day; whether you’re an Ibiza newbie or not, you can’t die before you’ve soaked in Formentera. In this little island you can do many activities, such as snorkeling to to enjoy the incredible marine fauna, and sailing.
Everything’s set for you to enjoy your first experience in Ibiza! It surely won’t be your last.

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