Celebrate Gay Pride In Ibiza And Formentera

You’ve probably heard talk in several occasions about Madrid’s World Pride, the party of Gay Pride that always becomes a date worthy of being highlighted in the madrilenian calendar. Nonetheless, it’s not the only city in Spain that defends the rights of the LGBT community. Did you know that Ibiza has become a benchmark for our country’s LGBT tourism? In this post we’ll tell you why!

In the 60s, the hippie community settled in Ibiza and, after many generations, it’s still here as one of the island’s main essences. This has entailed that, from very early on, this place stands out for its relaxed, tolerant and pluralistic atmosphere. In a context such as this one, diversity, free love, respect and sexual equality are ground values. If you’re looking to celebrate Pride, Ibiza is the ideal place. The island has molded into the perfect place where any individual can express their sexuality without any type of strings attached. Bluntly put, neither confrontation nor discrimination work here.

There’s plenty of establishments dedicated to LGBT tourism on the island, scattered around many different laces. Ibiza is totally gay-friendly. This year it has hopped onto pride celebrations in absolute stye. It consists in four incredible days of partying and events in Ibiza town. From the legendary and extravagant floats of muscular men, drag queens, multicoloured surroundings filled with diversity… To the welcoming of numerous artists, invited to celebrate the defense of respect towards the LGBT community: singers, dj’s, actors… Celebrities from all around the world want to celebrate with us that we are proud!
Ibiza fills up with magic, fantasy, fun and, especially, lots of love. If you want to keep up to date with all the events and parties of Ibiza’s Pride, we recommend you check out the web page Ibiza Gay Pride where you can find all the information concerning the artists that will celebrate with us, the event calendar and thus enjoy your four days the most you can!

But, the party’s key event is, unquestionably, the “Great March for LGBT Rights”, a time when a great multitude of people decide to take the streets to fight for respect and sexual equality, for an Ibiza where homosexuality, bisexuality, transexuality… Can become something so internalized by society that, one day, they can be considered as “normal” as heterosexuality.

Celebrate pride in Ibiza dancing to the rhythm of the parades, enjoying events such as gay movie night, boat parties… From Only Ibiza Boat Party we invite you to celebrate the LGBT party as it deserves. With friends or a partner, whether you’re a man or a woman, you consider yourself gay, lesbian or bisexual, whoever you love, the island is the perfect place for celebrating free love.

Come to Ibiza and enjoy this amazing plan, amongst many other things! Unleash your sexuality, fill up with love and let your pride adventure begin in Ibiza and Formentera!

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