7 craft markets in ibiza that you can’t miss out on

The island of Ibiza has a long standing tradition of celebrating craft markets. If you want to find artisan, peculiar, original and simply unique objects, in this post we suggest 7 mercadillos that you can’t miss out on during your stay in Ibiza.


1. Cala Llonga Craft Market

To visit it, you’ll have to get to the town of Cala Llonga. In this market you can buy silver jewelry, precious stones, cheap clothes and traditional dresses from the island. It’s famous especially for its variety in accessories. It takes place on Thursdays from May to October, from six in the afternoon until midnight.


2. Las Dalias Craft Market

Here you’ll find the best hippie art objects of our times. It’s the ideal place for buying artisan jewelry and clothes. The atmosphere is incredible, with street musicians everywhere. It’s located north of the island, near the town of San Carlos. It takes place on Monday and Tuesday evenings.


3. Punta Arabí Craft Market

Located in Es Caná, it’s the biggest hippie market on the island. It takes place on Wednesdays from ten o’clock in the morning to seven in the afternoon. Almost all the products you’ll find here are handmade and come from all over the world. This place has a children’s area where the kids can learn how to make a souvenir. This mercadillo’s stands are surrounded by pine trees near white bungalows.


4. San Rafael Craft Market

If you’re searching for an eclectic market between the traditional and the contemporary, the mercadillo of San Rafael is your best bet. Located in the centre of the island, it’s known for its ceramics and for offering the best fruit, cultivated by the region’s farmers.


5. Mercadillo Sant Jordi

it takes place on Saturdays from nine in the morning up to three o’clock in the afternoon. It’s renowned for selling second-hand products but always of a quality and at a price that are totally unbeatable. The atmosphere here will make you believe you’re in an arab bazar. In order to visit it, you have to reach the south of the island, in Sant Jordi, near the town’s hippodrome.


6. Mercadillo De Forada

This is a very cosmopolitan place where you’ll find an endless amount of products. Artisan perfumes, paintings, ceramics, sculptures… And many other things. You’ll also find the best traditional remedies and herbs from the island. In Forada, you can enjoy music from artists that come from all over the world. This craft market is open every Saturday all year round. Its timetable is from ten in the morning up to four in the afternoon.


7. San Juan Craft Market

It takes place on Sundays from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon in the town of San Juan, north of Ibiza. This place is popular for its gastronomy; you can enjoy the island’s artisan drinks and tasty dishes. It’s one of the most recent and authentic markets on the island, suitable even for the most refined palates.

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