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Welcome to the best boat party in Ibiza

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upcoming boat parties in Ibiza

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Boat party Ibiza

foam party 

4h unlimited open bar 

paella, salad & fresh fruit 

jetski / flying banana 

professional photographer 

free/discount club entries 

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Only Ibiza Boat Party
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Only Ibiza boat party is a unique, different, interesting, fun, complete boat party.

Get ready for the most entertaining Ibiza boat party with our foam and CO2 cannons that will make your boat party in Ibiza an unrepeatable and epic experience.

Check-in takes place at 2:00 p.m. on the jetty of Playa d´en Bossa (Calle de la punta 1).

As soon as you go up you can start enjoying the open bar, where you can order your favorite combinations of gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, as well as tap beer, sangria, cava, soft drinks and juices. You can ask for as much as you want, it´s free and unlimited during the whole party.

Feel the adrenaline riding at high speed along the coast of Ibiza on our water bikes.

Do not you worry about anything! We know that so much party can open appetite, so that better than filling the stomach with a delicious dish of paella accompanied by green salad and fresh fruit dessert.

What do you want more? Do not worry either, we invite you to continue the party in the fashionable clubs of Ibiza.

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Formentera pack

Boat party Ibiza + Ticket Formentera

The most representative pack of the island. As Ibiza is, this pack includes our boat party in Ibiza plus a ticket to Formentera any other day. Because that´s how Ibiza is, like yin and yan, night and day, party and relax.

Come aboard our party boat and for only €10 more go to Formentera and discover its magic, its crystal clear waters, its marine fauna, its hidden places where you can get lost and just be, breathe fresh air while you drink a beer very cold. It is a mandatory visit on your vacation.

This pack is a very good opportunity to do two of the most popular activities in the Mediterranean. Booking is very easy! Simply choose the option "Formentera Pack" after choosing the day in the calendar above.

Once you have made the reservation contact us in the way that is most comfortable for you to book the date you want to travel with us to Formentera. You can choose any day always leaving from the dock of Playa d´en Bossa at 12:30 in the morning.

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Celebrate your bachelor party or birthday in Ibiza with us

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