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Formentera pack  99€  144€

Foam boat party Ibiza + round trip to Formentera

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Only Ibiza boat party Formentera pack includes round trip to Formentera


Get onboard our party boat and head to Formentera. Discover it's magic, it's crystal clear water, it's underwater fauna, it's hidden corners where you can lose yourself and simply be or breathe in the pure air whilst enjoying a chilled beer!

This pack offers the ideal oppurtunity to enjoy the 2 most popular activities in the Mediterrean. Booking is easy! Just choose which day you'd like to go to Formentera after making your payment.

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Unlimited free bar

You can drink all that you want, free and unlimited! The classic "would you like a drink?" is always a good way to start!

You can choose rum, gin, vodka, whisky, beer and sangria. Mix them as you like, there are more than 216 combinations possible!

Only Ibiza boat party recommends a responsible consumption.

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Only Ibiza boat party brutal pack includes unlimited free bar
Only Ibiza boat foam party

Foam party

Only Ibiza boat party have the only foam party onboard in Ibiza... it's true!

We have CO2 cannon - The same as if you were in the middle of a nighclub dance floor... incredible!

The foam is of a non-contaminable and biodegradable material which does not damage the marine environement.

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Fly through the water at full speed! Adrenaline rush, to start well. You don't want it to ever end.

A unique and unrepeatable experience. The sea breeze caressing your skin, do you dare to close your eyes and just feel?

A professional and qualified driver will take you, and you must wear the life jacket, safety comes first!

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Only Ibiza boat party brutal pack includes jet ski
Only Ibiza boat party brutal pack includes food


You can't enjoy yourself completely on an empty stomach! We know... a free bar, especially an unlimited one, is a big responsibility!

The menu consists of typical Ibicencan paella, freshly cooked just before departure, green salad and watermelon from Ibicencan organic farms.

We also cater for vegetarian and people with special needs, please contact our customer care department beforehand.

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Pool party

And for those of you who want more and are of the opinion that you can't get enough, we have the perfect plan for you!

What do you think about a giant pool party?! This is it! The pool parties are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

You can come any of these 3 days, regardless of whichever day you have booked the Ibiza boat party.

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Only Ibiza boat party brutal pack includes pool party
Only Ibiza boat party brutal pack includes 3 clubs

3 clubs

If you think that's not enough, which we doubt... we can also offer you 3 clubs to visit from our wide range of available nightclubs. Consult us before coming.

And you can't leave Ibiza without visiting at least 2 or 3 nightclubs as well as the most famous beautiful beaches and coves... it would be a capital sin!!

Get in touch with us, tell us what kind of music and atmosphere you enjoy most and our planner will prepare the perfect holiday guide specially tailored for you!

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