6 ideas for getting to know people in Ibiza

Getting to know people in Ibiza is super easy! Enjoying the island in company is a thousand times better. If you want to know people in Ibiza, there’s many activities, plans and places that are ideal for it. The island is filled to the brim with multiple cultures and, hence, it’s very open to cosmopolitanism. Even if you’re a very introverted or timid person, you’ll definitely make friends. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, given that many events are organised all year round where tons of people who’re looking to enjoy in good company gather around.


1. Share Your Table With Strangers

Restaurante San Juan is one of those places that serves homemade Ibizan food. Here tables are shared, which makes it very easy to meet people. Anyone could sit next to you and hence begin an interesting conversation while you enjoy a good dish. You’ll have a great time if you come with a couple of your friends. You could make a cool group!


2. Take Part In A Language Exchange

Sign up to one of the language exchanges the island has to offer. Learn English, German or the language of your liking and get to know new people while having a drink. Many gatherings are organised throughout the whole year in different points of the island.


3. Team Sports

Yoga, pilates, dancing, meditation… Are activities that always rely on a great number of followers. It’s all about spending a few hours a week surrounded by people who share your tastes and hobbies. Try signing up and you’ll certainly meet someone that you can have a good time with. You’ll be able to meet tons of people this way, you’ll get fit and, on top, take home with you an unforgettable memory of the island.

You can also choose to go on group excursions. Whether your a top-notch sportsman or a beginner, enjoying Ibiza’s nature is always a good option. Days of kayaking, climbing, paddle surfing, snorkeling, hiking, horseback riding… All of these are done in groups, which makes it very easy to interact with other people. There’s a guaranteed connection given that, as a starter, you share the same hobbie.


4. Planned Dates

If rather than a friend you’re looking for a partner on the island, in Ibiza there’s many companies that are dedicated to organising fun dates. Don’t be shy and sign up to a date program. You don’t have anything to lose! You already have the “no”…


5. Ibiza On Social Network

There’s numerous groups of people on social networks that look for other people who’re interested in exploring the island, dancing, doing sports… Or simply having a coffee.


6. Boat Parties

And we’ll leave one of the best plans for the end of our list. Signing up to a boat party is, without the shadow of a doubt, another fun way of getting to know people and discovering Ibiza. Good music, sun, sea… What else can you ask for? Make sure you buy your ticket with us.

It’s time to let your shyness go and to leave your laziness at home in order to enjoy unique moments in the company of people that you may have tons of things in common with.

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